PIMs is a nationwide distributor for WILLACH in Germany and ICAS in Italy, which are the leading manufacturers of specialist drug storage shelves with drawers. These two companies are among the best in the world. Many years of experience and innovative solutions used by both of them allow for optimum use of space.

The base of the shelves is made with drawers that are approx. 1 m long. At the back of the pull-out drawer, WILLACH places folding arms that allow it to be fully pulled out of the shelf. ICAS's design solution consists in the partial pulling out of the drawer below the pull-out drawer. The pull-out drawer is thus supported and can be compltely pulled out of the shelf. With these additional solutions, the design of WILLACH and ICAS shelves is very ergonomic. The pull-out steps that allow standing up to reach the upper shelves, allow convenient access to the highest drawers as they have an openwork bottom, through which the pharmacist sees the merchandise inside, without having to look from above. The difference between the shelves of the two manufacturers is the use of different materials – WILLACH produces metal drawers while ICAS manufactures aluminum ones, and direct solutions to improve ergonomics (simple drawers, sloping drawers, etc.).

When using WILLACH and ICAS shelf systems, you get the following benefits:

  • the ability to assemble a full assortment of drugs in the sales room and thus increase the speed of customer service,
  • better control over drug stock,
  • the efficient drug segregation system in the drawers shortens the time spent searching for the drug,
  • appropriate distribution of storage shelves in the sales room allows you to reduce the number of drawers in the other shelves in the room and thus increase the display space for other drugs.

Our offer also includes WILLACH's automated drug release systems, which assist the pharmacist in dispensing them.


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