Over fourteen years of activity on the pharmaceutical market has allowed us to create the best financial offer for our pharmaceutical and medical customers.

In response to our clients' concerns regarding financing, we have created a special offer of leasing and credit PIMs Finance, which has become the "Financial Product of the Year."

Our offer includes:

  1. Operating leasing
    It is currently the most widely supported option by our customers in terms of the financing of investment. The advantages of operating leasing are:
    • own payment of 10-45% of the value of the leased object,
    • duration of 24-60 months,
    • the ability to pay in equal or decreasing installments, or payments according to an individually tailored schedule,
    • redemption of 1-20% of the initial value - the possibility to pay a guarantee deposit together with installments for the subject of the lease, or redemption with the last installment of the contract,
    • unlimited upper value of the leased object,
    • simplified leasing procedure for the value of the lease object not exceeding PLN 150,000.00 net,
    • possibility of financing within the scope of the offer to purchase specialist pharmacy furniture, computer hardware and equipment used in pharmacies, company cars, etc.
  2. Company loan
    An alternative for customers who are looking for a wider range of investment financing (such as from erecting their own building to finishing and commissioning). The advantages of a company loan are:
    • Borrower's ownership of the object of the loan,
    • The possibility of convenient depreciation,
    • The interest installment as a deductible expense.
    • Unlimited upper limit of credit.
    • The possibility of financing the purchase, construction of real estate permanently associated with the land.


The offer of financial support applies only to business entities registered in Poland and the implementation of their designs in Poland.